Acharya Prafulla Chandra College (APC College)

Acharya Prafulla Chandra College

Govt. Sponsored | NAAC Accredited A Grade College with CGPA 3.23

Affiliated to West Bengal State University

Acharya Prafulla Chandra College (APC College)

Certificate Course on
Utility-based Basics of Computer Application


Duration of the Course: 30 hours

Course Contents

Module 1 Introduction to Computer
  1. Introduction
  2. Computer and Latest IT gadgets
  3. Basics of Hardware and Software
Module 2 Introduction to Operating System
  1. Introduction Operating System
  2. User Interface for Desktop and Laptop
  3. Operating System Simple Setting
  4. File and Folder Management
  5. Types of file Extensions
Module 3 Introduction to Word Processing
  1. Introduction
  2. Word Processing Basics
  3. Opening and Closing Documents
  4. Text Creation and manipulation
  5. Formatting the Text
  6. Table Manipulation
  7. Mail Merge
  8. Shortcut Keys
Module 4 Introduction to Spread Sheet
  1. Introduction
  2. Elements of Spread Sheet
  3. Manipulation of Cells & Sheet
  4. Formulas, Functions and Charts
Module 5 Introduction to Presentation
  1. Introduction
  2. Creation of Presentation
  3. Manipulating Slides
  4. Presentation of Slides
  5. Providing Aesthetics to Slides & Printing
Module 6 Introduction to Internet and WWW
  1. Introduction
  2. Basic of Computer Networks
  3. Internet
  4. Popular Web Browsers (Internet Explorer / Edge, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc.)
  5. Exploring the Internet

Each Class Duration: 1 hr.

  • 1 Theory and 1 Practical / Week / Student – Total 24 Hrs.
  • Tutorial class for communicative English – 6 Hrs.

Course Outcome:

Students with no prior exposure to Computers will develop basic proficiency in software based tools which are essential for studies ( in making project reports presentations etc) besides using web based search engines in a more effective manner. The course incorporates additional tutorial class on communicative English. This will also open up job opportunities in office automation like - Front office job, Back office job ,Executive assistant,Personal assistant ,Data entry operator etc.