Acharya Prafulla Chandra College

Govt. Sponsored | NAAC Accredited A Grade College (2nd Cycle)
Affiliated to West Bengal State University
ISO Certified : 14001:2015, 50001:2018, 9001:2015

Acharya Prafulla Chandra College (APC College)

Divyangan facilities

The term "Divyangjan" literally translated to "divine bodies," is a respectful and inclusive term popularized by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to refer to people with disabilities. .It aims to change the perception and foster a more positive and inclusive attitude towards individuals with disabilities. Divyangan facilities refers to the infrastructure, services, and amenities designed to support the needs of individuals with disabilities, ensuring their access to education. These facilities include ramps, elevators, accessible restrooms, assistive technologies, and other accommodations to promote inclusivity and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

APC College is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for Divyangjan (differently-abled individuals) through various supportive measures. Some of the measures adopted by the Institution are

Ramps :The college has installed ramps and elevators to ensure easy access to all campus areas.

Divyangan-friendly restrooms : Accessible restrooms are specially designed to meet the needs of Divyangjanwith adequate space and appropriate fixtures, such as handrails and lowered sinks, to accommodate wheelchair users.

Wide Doorways and Hallways: It has been ensured that doorways and hallways are wide enough to allow easy passage for wheelchairs and other mobility aids.

Lift : As specially abled students may be spread across different department and it is not possible all such classes on the ground floor , alift has been installed in the main building. Provision for lift has also been made in the other academic block.

Braille :To cater to visually impaired students college procured 11 user licenses of Braille software

Reservation in Admission: As per Government guidelines there is 3% horizontal reservation across all categories for Divyangjan candidates

There is provision for dedicated counseling and support services to address the specific needs of Divyangjan, ensuring an enhanced learning experience. These facilities collectively create an equitable learning environment, ensuringDivyangjan have equal opportunities to succeed and thrive in their academic pursuits.